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SIC Co., Ltd.

Enrich your life with beauty and childcare

Centered on management consulting business and FC business. We offer a total support from store development, operation, clerical work of beauty salons and nursery schools.

Beauty Beauty Business

Clear targeted hair salon management? We have it.

SIC Co., Ltd. has been developing hair salons that can be easily used by children and women raising children with their children. They are also easy for the whole family to use, not only for children and mothers, but also for fathers and grandparents.
We support hair salon management consulting that overs all of advertising, store development sales, management planning, material ordering, staff management, recruitment and training, accounting, payroll, etc.
We provide a backup system and various management support other than franchise business and store management. In addition to providing management support, we opened nursery schools to make it easier for employees to work, and launched a new recruitment business in response to changes in the working environment.
In the future, we plan to open more salons throughout Japan, with 300 salons which makes us one of the top 3 in the industry. We also aim to open 3,000 salons globally, centering in Asian countries.

1 Hair salon that is made by a mother, “Mama family”

We provide speedy and reasonable techniques and impressive service, so more people will stay beautiful.

Made by a mother, Mama family is a hair salon where you can receive speedy treatments and satisfying services at reasonable prices. Since its founding in 1990, it has 52 domestic salons (as of 2022), mainly in western Japan. We value the smiles of children and aim to be the No.1 hair salon in the region while contributing to the local community through the beauty industry. In the future, we plan to open more stores throughout Japan and promote overseas business development (in Asia).

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2 Focusing on families, “MAQ family”

For better use for the whole family. MAQ family is the hair salon for any age and any family members.

Our hair salon MAQ family provides services not only for children and mothers, but also fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers. Adding to ensured satisfying service with speedy treatments, reasonable prices, we aim to go beyond the framework of existing salons and become the salon that is “a perfect place to come as a family”.

Focusing on families, “MAQ family”
Focusing on families, “MAQ family”

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Child Care Childcare Business

Nursery schools for our employee

Cuore Ricco Nursery School is a company-led nursery school for employees created by the company. This nursery school secures your child’s spot in nursery school where employees' children can be enrolled preferentially. It corresponds to the company-led childcare business that the Cabinet Office, which started in 2016, assists in setting up and operating. It can be used by people with various forms of employment, and a contract can be concluded directly between the user and the nursery school.
It can accommodate a variety of work styles, and can be used with a childcare fee that is the same as or lower than a licensed nursery school.
We also have spots available for local residents.

1 Cuore Ricco Nursery School. It is a place enriches your child’s heart.

Enrich children’s hearts with Montessori education

The idea of Montessori education, which Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft founder Bill Gates received in childhood, is that "children are born to grow and develop themselves, and they have the power." Based on the premise, they say that “adults should play a role in understanding the growth needs of children and helping them to make choices voluntarily.'' Based on this education, we foster a "heart of faith", "heart of gratitude", "heart of honesty", "heart of never giving up" and "heart of compassion".

Cuore Ricco Nursery School. It is a place enriches your child’s heart.
Cuore Ricco Nursery School. It is a place enriches your child’s heart.

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Cuore Ricco

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation

The introduction of IT and IOT in the labor-intensive beauty and childcare industry will revitalize the industry.

In order for SIC Co., Ltd. to expand from the current number of salons, to aim for areas from Japan to overseas, and to accelerate business efficiently, it is essential to incorporate IT technology. The keywords for development are "AI" and "RPA". AI has the potential to do things we never thought that it is possible. In addition, RPA will support work styles with a good work-life balance by improving work efficiency such as information management and automation of PC linkage. In the future, we will also look at development from a DX perspective such as multi-cloud, and promote the creation of a unique platform that can lead the industry. Currently, I am working on the development of a cloud POS system for hair salons. We will continue to incorporate new technologies and enhance functions that are easy to use and convenient for all users, including customers, salon staff, and headquarters.

Promote efficiency in the workplace using system development and AI/RPA.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

International International Business

From Fukuoka to the world, we bring the Japanese hygiene standard beauty business model.

SIC Co., Ltd. is looking at global expansion as one of its future strategies. For example, in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, there is a demand for salons that can be easily used by families. Efficient development will be possible by conducting detailed consulting in such areas and forming alliances with local subsidiaries. And in the future, we would like to build a network of 3,000 salons around the world. Also, in many countries, there are many salons that are not operated with the same hygiene standards as in Japan. We plan not only to spread the successful business model from Fukuoka to the world, but also to develop high-quality services with safe hygiene standards all over the world.

International Business
International Business