SIC Holdings Co., Ltd.

We have been selected as the 1st period business operator in Fukuoka Prefecture’s SDG’s registration system.



Decided to be the 1st period business operator in the Fukuoka Prefecture SDG’s registration system
Updated on February 08, 2023

SIC Holdings Co., Ltd., based on the management philosophy of “Beauty and Smile, Dreams and Excitement for More People”, is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals “SDGs” set by the United Nations, which are important not only for Japan and for the future of the world. We will contribute to the realization of a world in which no one is left behind, by seeing it as a goal and balancing the pursuit of economic value for the company and the resolution of social issues.

Fukuoka Prefecture SDGs promotion logo mark
福岡県 SDG’s 企業登録制度登録証
Fukuoka Prefecture SDG’s company registration system registration certificate