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BIGSKY International Co., Ltd.

Beauty X IT will make you shine more.

Spreading the concept of beauty to the world through manufacturing in-house developed products and importing and exporting. We back up the training of beauty specialists through a various training program.

IT&AI IT&AI Business

"People become happier by people" Globalize the world

In a world where technological innovation progresses at high speed, in a field that continues to change and expand every day, we create ideas while enjoying the changes and deliver smiles and excitement to people. We provide reliable and reliable service to our customers. BSI believes that the big sky is connected, and that people are connected through a network of systems that are easier to use and more efficient with new technology, and that new value will continue to be created. I want to, I believe that the accumulation of encounters and technology will be the quality of everything.
First of all, we will create high value-added products and services in the beauty and childcare industries, which are the group's strengths, and use the latest AI technology to bring about a new revolution in the beauty and childcare industries, where IT has not yet progressed. And we will create a world where more people can be active creatively.

IT&AI Business
IT&AI Business

Official HP


Web Application HP & EC website Business

Successful HP and EC for all customers.

BSI offers a one-stop service from planning to coding for the construction and operation of websites and e-commerce sites.
The problem with HP and EC is that it takes a lot of time just to run daily operations. We provide an environment where you can focus only on high value-added activities to grow your business.
Planners who provide living know-how provide total support for customers.

HP & EC website Business
HP & EC website Business

global Trading Business

Japanese quality to the world. Bringing world quality to Japan.

From materials such as shampoos and coloring agents used in beauty salons, to setting surfaces, and beauty salon equipment such as shampoo stands, we put the customer first and provide higher quality products. We offer something easier to use. With the recent spread of coronavirus infections, we have quickly become a distributor of air purifiers that are used in hospitals, etc. in terms of hygiene, and have promoted the introduction and sales of beauty salons. As a future vision, we would like to sell "systems" that use the latest IT technology specialized in beauty salons and trade high-quality Japanese beauty products with overseas bases. Through our business, we will provide Japanese safe, secure and high value-added products from Japan to customers around the world. We will also import high value-added products from around the world to Japan to bring smiles and excitement to Japanese customers.

Trading Business
Trading Business

Official HP

SterilizAir GOLD COSME

global Human Resource Development

Human resources who contribute to "beauty and joy" as many as possible.

BSI has learned "together" in human resource development that supports customer service and business in the beauty industry. We are also working to develop future professionals who will lead the future in RPA and AI technologies. From now on, I will continue to work on human resource development, and I will continue to learn about the spirit of hospitality and the flexible way of thinking that takes on challenges and incorporates new things.
In the future, I would like to create a place where I can disseminate the Japanese customer service and technology that are inspiring overseas.

Human Resource Development
Human Resource Development

Fukuoka Approval of Fukuoka Prefecture Management Innovation Plan

BSI has been certified by Fukuoka Prefecture to significantly improve its management by implementing the following new initiatives (new business activities).